The Clayburn One-Name Study in England

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The surname "Clayburn"as spelt, appears to have originated in Yorkshire, particularly in the Howden area of the East Riding of Yorkshire, from which many family groups around Britain and the world emanate. If the name was brought into the East Riding of Yorkshire from elsewhere, we have yet to discover when and how, then prove the source.

Consequently, much of the data about this surname originates in the Yorkshire area. However, the name spread inland during the late 18th and 19th Centuries, and the data we have gathered reflects this migration.

A branch in the Manchester area of Lancashire traces back from a Irish immigrant family whose roots are still being investigated.

British seafaring Clayburns in the Merchant Navy, migrated from Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire to Sunderland, County Durham, from where a number of present days families can trace their roots.

A branch in Derbyshire may be looked at here. Click on the name to find out more.

See the Derbyshire Clayburn Family in
"Clayburn Families in Derbyshire."

See the spread of Clayburns during the 1881 Census in "Clayburn 1881 Census Map."

The Parish of Cliburn in the old county of Westmorland, England, would appear to be the source of the Cliburn and Cliborne variants of the Clayburn name, which are especially prevalent in the USA. Click here - Parish of Cliburn - in order to see more detail.

Major sources for our research in England.

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