Variants on the Clasper One-Name Study

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There are a few possible variants such as CLASPAR, CLASSPER. Also look under GLASPER and KLASPER as they are usually treated separately in the I.G.I. Variants are of the first type mentioned are rare, although we have corresponded with one family with the name CLASPAR.

However, the name GLASPER features strongly in the UK, there are between 400 to 500 today, with 50% of them resident in the North-East of England. This leads us to believe that the name could well be a direct variant of the name CLASPER.

Two other similar names have been investigated, CASPER and GASPER, but no response has been received to requests for information that might suggest any connection with CLASPER.

We will accept for investigation, any name that looks or sounds similar to CLASPER.

Please Email Rod Clayburn for further details on Clasper family information sharing worldwide

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