The Clasper One-Name Study in England

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The surname "Clasper" appears to have originated in the Northumberland area. The earliest Claspers appear in the 14th Century around Ponteland and Whickham on either side of the Tyne. Consequently, much of the data about this surname originates in the Northumbria Region. However, the name spread during the late 18th and 19th Centuries, and the data I have gathered reflects this migration.

There was migration to the English Midlands with accent on the glassware trade. There remain a number of sources to be examined, but the story to date is very much concerned with the Northumberland and Durham area.

A small group was found in North Lincolnshire, but these had disappeared by 1837 and 50% of Claspers still live in the North-East.

For migration to Scotland, see

Clasper Families in Scotland.

For the spread of Clasper Births in Britain between 1837 and 1967 we have the "Clasper Birth Map."

Looking at the map above, shows the extent of Clasper births but does not show the true spead. As an example of the Clasper events at a set period in time see the 1881 census map.

See the spread of Claspers in Britain during the 1881 Census in the "Clasper 1881 Census Map."

Even in England famous Claspers are few, but Harry Clasper, was a famous sportsman in his day.

Between the years 1840 and his death in 1870, Harry was known throughout the country, as would be a famous sports person of today.

See more about Harry Clasper in "Harry Clasper-Hero of the North."

Major sources for our work in England are:

    • Coverage of many published 1851 Census Indexes.

    • Coverage of a large number of Parish Registers, particularly in Northumbria

    • Many Family Trees and correspondence from other Clasper families worldwide.

    Please e-mail Rod Clayburn for further details on Clasper family information sharing worldwide

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